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#103 : Premiers flirts

Ava a un crush pour Kyle, un homme récemment divorcé, mais leurs rendez-vous amoureux se compliquent quand elle apprend qu'il est le père de Cameron, la nouvelle flamme de Nikki. De son côté, les efforts que fait Bradin pour protéger Erika d'un garçon avec des intentions douteuses ne sont pas très doux.


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Premiers flirts

Première diffusion

Première diffusion en France

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Réalisateur: Harry Winer
Scénaristers: Jon Cowan, Robert Rovner
Guests: Zac Efron (Cameron), Jeremy Maxwell (Sylvester), Gerald Downey (Dr. Mike), Riley Smith (Tanner), Adrian R'Mante (Boyle), C. Thomas Howell (Kyle)

Sur la plage :

Ils font une partie de voley ball

Jay : Je l'ai !

Johnny : Allez va si !

Jay : Ouais jolie coup Bradin ! Super smacht !

Susannah se rapproche d'aller et regarde un homme sur la plage

Susannah : Alors le célibataire numéro un a trente cinq ans, il n'a jamais été marié, il adore les enfants, il n'a pas de défaut, il est médecin !

Ava : Tu trouves qu'il est séduisant ce type ?

Un homme envoie la balle sur Johnny

Kyle : Je suis le nouveau voisin désoler !

Johnny : Et tu viens d'ou te bouchi ball ville ?

Jay : Allez on y retourne les gars !

Susananh et Ava regarde toujours le même homme qui semble aussi les regarder

Susannah : Il ne faut pas juger quelqu'un a sa manière de jouer au volley !

Ava : Je ne veux pas faire entrain quelqu'un dans le chaot qu'est ma vie aujourd'hui ! Les enfants viennent d'arriver et tout est nouveau pour moi !

Susannah : C'est pas le genre de type que je voyais pour toi mais depuis que les enfants son la tu n'as rien fais, il faut te remettre en chasse ! Si sa se trouve cette année ...

Johnny : Je l'ai !

L'homme et Johnny se rendre dedans en voulant rattraper la balle

Johnny : J'ai dit que je l'avais !

Ava et Susannah rigolent


En colonie de vacances :

Nikki marche au coté d'un brun très séduisant

Nikki : Je deteste ce genre de bouquins !

Cameron : Moi aussi j'en ai horreur, je les trouves nuls !

Nikki : En tout cas j'arrive pas a croire qu'elle aille écrit celui la a l'age de seize ans !

Cameron : Hey ... Tu veux dire que celui qui a écrit "léosideur" est une fille ?

Nikki : Et oui !

Cameron : Oh mince sa détruit toute l'image que j'avais


The scene opens to the whole family playing volleyball on the beach


(Susannah and Ava look over at a guy that's playing against them in the game)

Susannah: So bachelor number 1, is 35, he's never been married, he's a doctor, he loves

kids and he's straight.

Ava: You really like Johnny's fix up?

(Johnny hits a ball towards the guy that Susannah and Ava are looking at.)

Jay: Stop looking at the girls man!

Guy: Your new neighbor, the ringer.

Johnny: Where'd you move from? Cheatsville?

(Guy laughs)

Jay: Bring it on baby.

Susannah: You can't judge a man on the size of his beach dick.

Ava: I can't subject a man to my personal chaos right now. The kids just got here. It's all new to me.

Susannah: He's not exactly what I would have picked for you but since the kids have been here you haven't done anything. You've got to get back on that horse. Who knows he could turn out to be a thourgh bread.

(Johnny and the guy end up diving for the volleyball at the same time and end up colliding.)

Susannah and Ava: Ohhhhhh!

Johnny to the guy: I said I got it.

Scene switches to Cameron and Nikki at camp.

Nikki: I hate people like that.

Cameron: I so hate people like that.

Nikki: The thing I still can't believe is that she wrote him when she was 16.

Cameron: She? You mean the guy who wrote the Outsiders was a girl?

Nikki: Hello!

Cameron: That ruins my whole image of the book. I mean he...she so gets them all. You know like Ponyboy and Johnny. He's really a girl?

Nikki: You're sexist!

Cameron: No I just don't think any woman should understand a guy that way.

(They smile at each other)

Cameron: So uh, you hear they're having a big party at the pier for Founder's Day. You know music, fireworks, a ton of food.

Nikki: Yeah, I heard my aunt and Susannah talking about that. I think lame ass was the quote.

Cameron: Oh?

Nikki: Yeah.

Cameron: Oh, well my dad said, oh I don't know I thought that I'd check it out. I guess you don't have any interest.

Nikki: I don't know I uh (she stops) Oh! Um, no, actually that'd be great. Really. Great.

(they walk off)

The scene goes to the guy from the beach, known as Kyle, and Ava carrying a cooler crabs)

Kyle: All she could say was "Have I told you about me son, the doctor?"

Ava: Sounds like your mother is very proud. Uh, I pretty much have things covered here so if you want to go down to the beach and relax with Johnny.

Kyle: Until dinner then.

Ava: Until dinner then.

Kyle: Where are you hiding the beer at? I know you don't expect us to drink this staff.

Ava: You should have got here quicker.

Kyle: Well I should have bought more beer

Ava: Try the fuzzy name. It's doctor recommended.

Kyle: How about we split that one.

Ava: How about we don't

Kyle: What you don't think I've earned it considering I lead our whole team to victory?

Ava: You lead our team to victory?

Kyle: Yeah

Ava: Now you sound like Johnny.

Kyle: Thanks, you really know how to hurt a guy. What's the matter? Having a hard time killing that thing? (motions to the crabs)

Ava: Oh no.

Kyle: You just prepping him for a diving competion? Getting ready to do a triple pike.


Ava: It's just that Derrick named them. How am I supposed to kill Lucy?

Kyle: Lucy?

Ava: Or Lioness, I can't tell them apart.

Kyle: Well you could go grab him at the docker and he can check for you.

Ava: Very funny. Why don't you kill it?

Kyle: No thanks.

Ava: Don't tell me you're chicken.

Kyle: Mmmm let's just say that an incident occurred when I was a kid and leave it at that.

Ava: Fine, I'll do it.

Kyle: No no, I can help you with this.


Ava: No I can do it.

Kyle: No seriously.

Ava: I've got it.

Kyle: No let me help you

AVa: I'm fine I can do it.

(They stop and look at each other and kiss)


Cameron: Dad!

(They break apart)

Kyle: Yeah!

(Cameron and Nikki come walking up)

Cameron: We’re back, are you ready to go?

Kyle: Yeah, how was camp?

Nikki: It was excellent. How was volleyball?

Ava: It was good.

(Ava looks between Cam's dad and Cameron)

Scene switches to Susannah, Jay, Johnny, and Ava in the kitchen the next morning

Ava: I don't know what I was thinking.

Johnny: Exactly. Kyle, he cheats at volleyball.

Susannah: You’re just a sore loser. Hey can you pass me the mustard.

Ava: The point is my life is too complicated right now. I shouldn't be dating anyone.

Johnny: I don't get it. I set you up with Mr Right and you choose um, him.

Ava: It doesn't matter anyway. I'm not going to go out with him. He's Nikki's friend's dad.

Susannah: So?

Jay: Nikki's finally got a friend. What happens when Ava breaks his poor father's heart?

Susannah: Well she's not marrying him, she' s just going to date him.

Jay: (points at Ava) Your funeral. (Ava gives him a look) Just do yourself a favor. Don't tell Nikki.

Susannah: Oh she should lie?

Jay: (laughs) You really think the kids want to know about Ava's love life?

Ava: Hello! I'm right here.

Johnny: You see, you're all missing the point. The problem isn't Nikki. The problem is this guy. (Ava laughs) No, his divorce has been final for how long? A month?

Susannah: Two. Which makes him available.

Johnny: Yeah, technically. But either he's licking his wounds and using her to escape how hurt he is or he's looking to play around after years of marital prison.

Susannah: Prison? Men can do whatever they want, whenever they want and when they finally come home the only way they communicate is when they ask for the remote or a beer.

Johnny: Did I say prison?

Jay: Out loud, yeah.

Ava: Can I remind you how ready you were to move on after you and Beth split?


Johnny: Yeah but I've evolved.

Ava: Monkeys evolve.

Susannah: We've got a whole new reality here. Who are we going to be meeting and dating? The kids counselors, their teachers, parents of their friends, it's a whole new peer group.

Ava: Susannah's right. I'm not gonna marry the guy. I think we might have a lot in common.

Susannah: Kids, volleyball.

Ava: He makes furniture, I sit on furniture. I make clothes he-

Susannah: Wears clothes you wanna tear off.

Ava: There ya go. I'm gonna go out with him. I am. Nikki! Derrick!


Scene switches to Jay in his shop

(Erika walks in)

Jay: Hey

Erika: Hey

Jay: How are the sandbanks out there?

Erika: Pretty awesome. You're working too hard. We gotta get you out of here and back on the board. (Jay chuckles) Can't you hear the waves calling?

Jay: Yeah, well, unfortunately I hear the rent calling and it is loud baby.


(Jay pulls down a board and puts it on the counter)

Erika: So when'd you finish shaping this? It's hot. How about you let me take it out.

(Jay sees Bradin walking behind her)

Jay: Um, price tag's on it.

Bradin: Hey Erika

Erika: Kansas, he got you workin'

Bradin: Yeah.

(A group of guys walk in)

(Guys walk over to Jay)

Tanner: Hey

Jay: Tanner

Tanner: Crocodile Dundee.

Tanner: (to Erika) Hey. Saw you last week at Maverik's, you looked great.

Erika: Thanks.

(Jay is watching them talk)

Tanner: I was rippin'. It was like dropping off a two storey building blind.

Erika: You were all over it.

Tanner: You know if you need help with your one handed I could -

(Jay walks over behind them)

Erika: I'd like that

Tanner: Cool. How about Sunday? We'll hit the breaks before Sunset and then you can stay. A bonfire and some fireworks.

Erika: Just make sure your board's waxed and ready. So you can keep up. (she leaves)


Scene switches to Bradin and Derrick in their room with some broken rocket stuff

Bradin: You're dead. I told you not to touch my stuff. You couldn't use a newspaper or something?

Derrick: I couldn't find one and I didn't want the paint to spill.

Bradin: Well it did!

(Bradin then threatens to hurt him and Derrick goes running)

Derrick: Help!

(Camera switches to Nikki infront of the mirror)

Derrick: Nikki! Help

(Derrick comes running into Nikki's room)


Nikki: Derrick! Get out of my room. NO! Derrick! I said get out!

Derrick: Bradin is going to kill me

Nikki: I don't care okay. My room is off limits. Now get out and would you please stay-

(Susannah comes up the stairs)

Susannah: Hey hey hey. Keep world war 3 down a minute what's going on?

Nikki: Derrick just barged in!

Susannah: You out!

Derrick: But Bradin will-

Susannah: Look if Bradin touches a hair on

your head I will rip his ears off.

Derrick: Oh, okay. Cool

(Derrick leaves)

Nikki: He's such a pest.

Susannah: Well 9 near old boys are pests. It's what they do. (Nikki is looking in the mirror pulling hair over her face.) May I? (Susannah pulls Nikki's hair away from her face) I think this top looks great on you.

Nikki: I look ridiculous.

Susannah: Ridiculous? Have you seen some of these women in a magazine? Here come here. They're freaks. I know. About the hair and the make up and the airbrushing. Believe me, you're way prettier than they are. You wanna tell me what's going on?


Nikki: Do you promise not to tell?

Susannah: I swear. You got a hot date?

Nikki: I wish I knew.

Susannah: So you're trying to figure out if he asked you out as friends or something more.

Nikki: Well kind of. Exactly.

Scene goes to Kyle and Ava on the beach with a sail boat.

Kyle: So you blew off Ian Straub in front of his entire company?

Ava: No it was stupid.

Kyle: That's not stupid. That's what I call a defining moment.

Ava: The definition being unemployed failure.

Kyle: You know what I think? I think you have no idea how amazingly successful you're going to be. What?

Ava: Just when you say it like that I actually believe you.

Kyle: That comes from experience. I mean, that's from the guy who told the managing partner of Miller Pearl exactly what the rest of the firm thought about him. In front of the whole executive board.

Ava: Ouch

Kyle: Yeah. That was the day I woke up thought.

Ava: Yeah, I know what you mean.

Kyle: Unfortunately Rachel was never in love with who I was. Just who I was trying to become. That's the problem with getting married so young. Who really knows who they are?

Ava: I think that's why I left Kansas the minute I could. It was so oppressive, there was so much expectation. I didn't think I'd ever figure out what I really wanted.


Kyle: It's just that it wasn't there.

Ava: Exactly

Kyle: Come on, let's go.

(He pulls a couple of strings to set the sail.)

Ava: You um, you do this a lot?

Kyle: Yeah, all the time.

Ava: Really?

Kyle: Yeah

Ava pulls a string to let the sail out

Kyle: Thank you. You read to push? Let's do it.

Scene switches to Erika surfing on the beach while the 4 guys look out on her

Tanner: Man, I can't wait to hit that

(Bradin overhears)

Guy: I hate chicks who surf but

(The bark like wolves)

Tanner: Yeah, I'll let her ride my wive you know? Up and down.

(they laugh and Bradin jumps down into their view)

Gut: Hey, who's this guy? Hey yo, bro. You don't actually think you're going to surf here.

Bradin: Yeah, yeah I am.

Tanner: Come on man, It's a private beach.

Bradin: Really? That's funny. I thought the state owned it.

Tanner: (laughs) You hear that guys? We've got a lawyer. Let me help you out, um, I think Kansas is that way.

Bradin: That way? That's funny dude (Tries to walk to the water)

Guy: Hey now, down' t be like that. We're politely inviting you to leave

Tanner: Next time we’re not going to be so polite.

(Bradin leaves)

Scene switches to Ava and Kyle kissing by the fire.

(They stop)

Ava: That was nice.

Kyle: I was shooting for a little better than nice.

(They keep kissing)

Ava: Oh my god it's 2 o'clock.

Kyle: It doesn't feel like it.

Ava: No. but...

(they kick out the fire with sand)

Kyle: Hey, what are you doing for founder's day?

Ava: You know I've never really gotten into third tear holidays.

Kyle: Come on third tear could be fun. Yeah I was thinking you me picnic at Spanish cove...

Ava: Ohhh Spanish cover? You are romantic.

(He laughs and they kiss again.)

Kyle: I'll call you in a few hours. Hey! How about lunch tomorrow. And dinner? I'll call you later

(Ava goes running off)

Scene switches to Nikki looking through some clothes

(Ava walks in)

Ava: Nikki, what are you doing up?

Nikki: I-I couldn't sleep and I was just...Are you just getting home?

Ava: What do you mean?

Nikki: Didn't you have a date?

Ava: A date?

Nikki: With the doctor?

Ava: Oh yeah. A date. With the doctor. It was great, um, yeah but we had to end it a little early because I ran into an old friend and then we it's so late shouldn't you go back to bed? I mean, you have camp in the morning. Did you need to talk to me about something?

Nikki: No, um, I was just heading up to bed. But I'm glad your date went good. (They go

to their rooms.)

Scene cuts to Erika watching Bradin surf.

(Bradin comes walking in)

Erika: What's up with you today?

Bradin: Nothing.

Erika: It's something. You know how to do a cutback. Mind and body. If you're not riding the wave, the wave rides you.

(They get up to go surfing)

Bradin: Look Erika. That guy Tanner-

Erika: What about him? What?

Bradin: Don't go out with him


Erika: Excuse me?

Bradin: It's just, I heard them talking trash about you and what he was going to do. I

just...heard him talking.

Erika: Can I tell you something and don't take this the wrong way but it's really not cool to tell girls what guys say.

Bradin: I just don't want you to get hurt

Erika: I can take care of myself.

Scene goes to Cameron and Nikki on the dock fishing

Cameron: You need more squid?

Nikki: Uh yeah (He hands her squid and she looks disgusted) Thanks.

Cameron: So I was thinking about Founder's day. The word of the street is you're right. It's gonna be lame.

Nikki: It's okay, we don't have to go

Cameron: Well good, but I was thinking we could watch the fireworks from my house and my dad's not going to be home. The view's better and we'd be alone.

Nikki: Alone? Yeah, sure.

Cameron: Well, okay. It's a date.

(Nikki smiles)

Scene goes to Ava and Derrick in the kitchen

Ava: Red peppers?

Derrick: Check

Ava: Lemon wedges

Derrick: Check

Ava: Very good. Iron chef. Here, how about you put this on the table and go and have a seat.

Derrick: Great, I'm starved.

(Susannah walks in)

Derrick: Hi Susannah

Susannah: Hi honey. Well did Martha Stewart stop by?

Ava: Family dinner. Hey, how'd it go with the money people?

Susannah: They got a lot of money but they're not sure we’re fashion forward so I had to press a little charm so we'll see what happens. What are you doing her anyway? I thought

you were going out with Kyle.

Ava: Oh, it took longer with Derrick at the hobby store and then when I got back here everyone looked really hungry.

Susannah: Really hungry? You blew him off

Ava: I did not blow him off. I called him. I just have a lot of work to catch up on. I'm busy.

Susannah: Ava, it's me. Your oldest and best friend in the world.

Ava: What?

Susannah: You like this guy

Ava: Yes

Susannah: You think he's charming you think he's funny.

Ava: Yes but-

Susannah: Look, we've been here before

Ava: I don't know what you're talking about

Susannah: Every time you think you might have found the right guy you start to back off

Ava: Thank you doctor Phil

Susannah: You don't want to end up like you parents, you don't want the romance your sister had -

Ava: It's not that. I should never have gone out with him in the first place. I knew it. I did it anyway and now I've lied to Nikki. I really hate that.

Susannah: What about founder's day?

Ava: Susannah, what part of this are you not understanding? Now is not a good time

Scene switches to The family eating dinner outside on the patio

Ava: I know we wouldn't do anything for founder's day but I thought that we should get into the spirit and do something fun. There's a festival at the pier


Johnny: That lame ass thing we blow off every year?

(Ava clears her throat)

Ava: There's going to be a marching band and I hear they have some great blue grass.

Nikki: Blue grass as in banjos?

Derrick: Who will launch my rocket?

Ava: Well we could still do that. I just thought that it would be nice for us to do something different as a family.

Bradin: Together?

Ava: Well you got another way to be a family? Is there a problem?

Bradin: No, no problem. I just don't think I want to go.

Ava: Come on, you're new to Playa Linda, let's get into the spirit

Nikki: Actually, I got invited out. To that festival thing by some girl at camp and some of her friends

Ava: Well that's great. Who?

Nikki: Carol Nathalson

Ava: Oh well why don't I call Carol's mother and see if I can drive one way or something

Nikki: Actually, I think her mother's out of town.

Ava: So who would you be going with then? As in an adult

Nikki: I'm not sure

Ava: Really? Well I'll get Carol's number and I'll call over there-

Nikki: You think I'm some kind of baby?

Jay: Whoa whoa, that's not what she's saying.

Nikki: I'm not going to have you call Carol's house like I'm a three year old. I'll look like an idiot!

Ava: Nikki, I need to know what you're doing and who you're doing it with or you're not going anywhere.

Nikki: I can't believe this. I can't believe you're actually doing this.

(Nikki leaves The table and goes inside)

The scene switches to Ava, Jay, Johnny, and Susannah in the hot tub later that night.

Ava: The thing that really upsets me is when I hated my parents I really hated my parents. I thought they were mean and unreasonable-

Johnny: And now that's you

Susannah: Us

Ava: Somebody shoot me now

Jay: Oh c'mon, she's 13. You busted her for lying she makes it your fault and you're worried about that?

Johnny: Good point

Susannah: Maybe this is a good time for me to mention that I had a little chat with Nikki the other day. We talked about dating, she wanted to know if she had a date and I'm guessing maybe she did.

Johnny: Well hey, thanks for sharing that. Now.

Susannah: Well she made me swear

Jay: You know, when a 13 year old makes you swear not to tell, that's when you know there's something to tell.

Susannah: I thought that they were going clamming or something.

Johnny + Ava: Clamming?

Susannah: I'm new to the parenting thing

Jay: We all are but she's 13 and you saw the movie.

Ava: Okay she's not that 13

Susannah: Although I do think it's cool that we’re sitting around the hot tub talking about parenting.

Jay: Has anyone had the sex talk with her?

Ava: What do you mean? Birds and the bees? Well what would I say exactly?

Johnny: Well do you want me to explain it to you?

Susannah: Why don't you explain it to Nikki.

Johnny: Me? No. No way. Ain't doing it. Not gonna do it. No.

Susannah: One of us has to do it, why does it have to be Ava?

Ava: Yeah

Susannah: I say we draw straws

Johnny: You see, you're missing The key thing here. She's a girl and you two are girls.

Susannah: We draw

(we then see that Bradin throws Derrick's rocket over The balcony.)

(The camera goes to Bradin and Derrick on The balcony)

Bradin: Okay, now we've launched your rocket

Derrick: No

Bradin: Do you understand what you've done to my board. Do you have any idea


(Camera goes back to The group in The hot tub)

Johnny: I'm on it. (hands beer out) Jay.

Susannah: He didn't draw.

Jay: He's good

Susannah: He didn't draw! Typical.

Jay: You know what? You don't want to do it. I'll do it.

Ava: Really?

Jay: Really. It's not that hard. (gets out of The hot tub) Okay you and me. When you and a guy start perving on each other you're like...shark biscuits in the dating world. And all the guy wants to do is pull out the old filler and put it in the nutty which might not be

your bowl of rice so you might want to pass and snog.

Ava: You are just doing that on purpose

Jay: What I'm Australian, I can't help it.

Susannah: Men are pathetic cowards

Ava: Okay, rock paper scissors?

Susannah: Alright.

(They do rock paper scissors and they both hold out scissors)

Susannah: Maybe she'll learn about it in school like the rest of us.

Scene goes to Bradin and Derrick fighting in their room

(Johnny walks in)

Bradin: Maybe next time you'll think before you touch my stuff.

(Johnny grabs Bradin by The shirt and pulls him outside.)

Bradin: Johnny get off of me. You don't know half of it.

Johnny: No no I heard what happened.

Bradin: Let go of me.

Johnny: I don't know who you think you are

Bradin: Who do you think you are? He's always in my stuff and this time it was my board.

Johnny: He's a nine year old boy, alright? Breaking his stuff? You think that's mature? You know how important this thing is to him. Look buddy, I don't know what's up with you but it's time to let it go. You wanna talk about it? (Bradin doesn't say anything) Fine but what ever your problem is I strongly suggest you deal with it instead of taking it out

on your little brother.

(Bradin goes to leave)

Johnny: We are not done

Bradin: I am

Johnny: No we’re not. You're going to help your brother fix this and you're not going anywhere else for the rest of the week.

Bradin: You are not my father

Johnny: No but I am grounding you.

(Bradin takes The rocket and leaves)

Johnny: Grounding?

Scene switches to Ava opening up the patio door the next morning after Kyle knocked on it

Kyle: They're dead.


Ava: What?

Kyle: The lobsters (shows a picnic basket) I killed them myself. I figured, screw child hood trauma.

Ava: Kyle, what are you doing here?

Kyle: Well you haven't returned my calls.

Ava: I know. I've been busy. I've had a lot of work to catch up on.

Kyle: You know we don't just have a night like we did and just...

Ava: I like you

Kyle: But it's your friends right? Johnny, cause I know he doesn't like me.


Ava: No, it has nothing to do with Johnny. Kyle, Nikki and Cameron are friends. I feel like it's wrong to be sneaking around with you.

Kyle: We're not sneaking around. We're adults. Alright? We have lives. And yes, there are some things that our kids need to know and if this becomes one of them we'll tell them. Put yourself back at 13. I don't normally go knocking on people's doors that blow me off but if I were to let you run because of our kids, what kind of idiot what I be? Now it's Founder's day, okay? And third tear holiday or not I'm taking you to Spanish Cove for fireworks and lobster.

Susannah: Nice speech. Don't be a shmuck, Johnny and I have the kids, go.

Ava: Cover for me.

Scene goes to Nikki in her room getting ready to go out. She then goes out trough her window and down the fence. She stops and sees Bradin who takes off and so does she.

The scene goes to Ava and Kyle at Spanish Cove.

Ava: Now okay. Tell me the truth. You didn't really kill them did you?

Kyle: The truth? I thought about having them steamed over at Freddy's but that might ruin the gesture.

Ava: Some men slay dragons.

(They kiss)

Scene goes to Nikki at Cameron's house knocking on the door

Cameron: Hey

Nikki: Hey

(They look at each other)

Scene goes to Jay at a party on a dock

Jay: Hey Jimmy, you got a bottle opener? Um no actually I don't need one.

(Jay opens The cap with his eye)

(They all laugh)

Jay: Okay so there's this Australian and- (he stops when he see's Erika walking over in The distance) and Englishman and an American. And they um (Camera cuts to Erika talking to some guy.) walked....

Guys: What man?

Jay: Into a bar.

Guy: C'mon tell the story.

Jay: There's an Australian, an Englishman, an American and They all walk into a bar

(camera cuts to Erika leaving with The guy)

Guy: What's up Jay?

Scene goes to Cameron and Nikki at his house.

Cameron: So you want a drink or something?

Nikki: Um

Cameron: We've got cream soda, celery tonic, birch beer, um my dad doesn't buy anything from a multinational.

Nikki: Oh um, birch beer's good.

(Cameron comes back with two beers)

Nikki: Thanks.

Cameron: Sure. The fireworks won't start for a while I guess. Until it's really dark.

Nikki: yeah, you're probably right. So

Cameron: So uh, what do you want to do?

Scene switches to Erika and Tanner making out on the beach.

(Tanner starts to put his hand up her shirt)

Erika: Tanner c'mon let's stop it

Tanner: Hey hey

Scene switches to Johnny and Susannah on the beach with Derrick and his rocket.

Johnny: A little light over here buddy.

Susannah: Are you sure you know what you're doing?

Johnny: C'mon it's a toy.

Derrick: Are you sure you don't want me to do it?

Johnny: No I got it I got it. I got it! Alright, what's your record you're shooting her for , huh?

Derrick: Chris said his flew a hundred feet!

Johnny: So we’re going for 150

Derrick: No way

Johnny: Way. Alright this thing's ready to launch. Should we go get them? The liar and the saboteur?

Susannah: They'll come down when they're ready.

Johnny: I hope I wasn't too hard on him.

Susannah: Are you kidding? If you had pulled a stunt like that your mother would have tanned your hiney. Grounding them? That's nothing.

Johnny: True. Okay boss. Let's do it baby. Give me that flashlight and grab the deafaneater. Back her up. Watch the fire, watch the fire buddy. Here we go now. With help form Charlie Bravo. counting 5, 4, 3, 2 , 1 (The rocket doesn't go off) Housten, we have a problem. (The rocket goes off) Oh man. (The rocket flies up and smashes in a window.) You are in trouble

They all run up to The window.

Johnny: Holy.

Susannah: Well on the bright side I think the kitchen's more than a hundred feet.

Johnny: Let's get out of here.

Scene goes back to Tanner and Erika kissing down on the beach where a party is going on.

Erika: Stop it

Tanner: Hey, c'mon. Come here

(he pulls her around and pushes her up against a wall)

Erika: Get off

(Tanner doesn't get off)

(Bradin then pulls Tanner off of her)

Bradin: Get off of her

Erika: Bradin!

Tanner: You're making a mistake.

Bradin: Not a mistake.

Tanner: Is this your puppy?

(Tanner then punches Bradin)

Scene switches to Cameron and Nikki watching the fireworks

Nikki: It's so beautiful out there. Seeing them over the ocean.

Cameron: Different than in Kansas?

Nikki: Yeah, I like it here.

(They hold hands)

Cameron: This is nice

Nikki: Yeah.

Cameron: You cold?

(he grabs a blanket and wraps it around her.)

Cameron: How's that?

Nikki: Good, you not cold?

Cameron: No, yeah I’m cold too.

(They share the blanket)

(They go to kiss but they're interrupted by something in the house. The camera goes to Ava and Kyle walking into the house giggling and kissing.

They fall down onto the floor and keep kissing but stop when they realize that Cameron and Nikki are watching them.

Ava gasps

Kyle: What?

Ava: Nikki

Nikki runs off

Ava: Nikki!

(Ava leaves after her)

Scene switches to Bradin, Tanner, Erika, and a whole lots of other people on the beach

Erika; Tanner, stop!

(A guy holds back Erika)

Guy: Somebody has to teach this guy manners

(Bradin tackles Tanner and they both go over a rock and onto the ground)

Tanner keeps beating up Bradin. Bradin spits in his face. Tanner goes to hit Bradin again

Jay: Hey! Why don't you pick on somebody your own age? Let him up

Bradin: I don't need your help

Jay: Shut up Bradin.

Tanner: So do you think you are, huh? Walk and talk?

(Jay chuckles and some guy comes after him but Jay knocks him down with a stick.)

Jay: Try me.

Bradin gets up and walks over to Jay

Jay: Get out of here Bradin.

Bradin: I'm not going anywhere.

Jay: Look this isn't a game. Get out here. Now!

Erika: Just go.

(Jay grabs Bradin by the shirt and shoves him out of the way)

Scene goes to Nikki walking away from Ava on The back porch

Ava: Nikki, stop right there. Nikki, we are going to talk about this.

Nikki: I don't want to talk to you

Ava: Well you're gonna have to. You disobeyed me. You snuck out

Nikki: you lied to me. You said you were dating a doctor or something.

Ava: You were drinking beer Nikki. And what were you doing under that blanket?

Nikki: It was root beer and I wasn't the one taking my clothes off.

Ava: Oh, if you thought you were grounded before.

Nikki: You lied to my face. Do you know what you made me look like? What you looked like?

Ava: You are 13 years old Nikki. What you and I do are 2 entirely different things.

Nikki: I didn't even kiss him okay? And after what you did I’ll never get the chance. I hate you.

(Nikki goes inside.)

Scene switches to Bradin outside on the patio

(Jay comes out of his room)

Jay: It's kind of early isn't it? Did you bring me breakfast in bed?

Bradin: You are not my protector.

Jay: Bradin

Bradin: I can take care of myself. You made me look like an idiot last night-

Jay: Look Bradin-

Bradin: And I don't need a father or an older brother. Or-

Jay: Bradin, I didn't go there to save you. I didn't even know you were gonna be there.

Bradin: Wait a second.

(Bradin grabs Jay)

Jay: Hey you wanna fight me? Bring it on. Seems to me you want to fight everybody.

Me, your brother, Johnny, Tanner-

Bradin: Jay, give it a rest.

Jay: Look, I don't blame you. If I lost what you lost-

Bradin: That's not it! That's not it.

Jay: Isn't it? Look, whatever it is. You can't bottle it up inside. Believe me, I know that feeling. When I was your age I was an angry little man. I was picking fights left right and center.

Bradin: So now I'm going to hear your sob story, huh?

Jay: No, you're not. I haven't been through half of what you have. But it doesn't mean I don't get it. Or that I don't wanna help

Bradin: Are you done?

Jay: I get the anger. I wish I could tell you what would bring back your parents or Kansas

(Jay leaves)

Scene switches to Nikki in her room.

(There's a knock And Ava comes in)

Ava: NIkki. We need to talk.

Nikki: You want me to apologize about last night I suppose

Ava: That would be a start yes. Nikki, you said some terrible things to me. You were angry and hurt and I understand that but that doesn't make what you did or said okay.

Nikki: What about what you did?

Ava: You're right. I lied to you. And you don't know how sorry I am for that. I tried to pretend that it wasn't any of your business that it was my life. But you’re apart of that life now. And my lie put you in a horrible situation last night. Look Nikki, this is all new to me. Trying to figure out how to take care of you guys and still be me. I'm going to make many more mistakes.

NIkki: Me too.

Ava: Well i guess if we start by being honest with each other then we won't get into so much trouble.

Nikki: I wasn't going to do anything. Bad. With Cameron. But I’m not a little girl anymore.

Ava: I see that

Nikki: I mean that I'm old enough to deal with you dating whoever you wanna date. Cam's dad is really cool.

Scene switches to Ava running up to Kyle on the pier

Ava: Hey!


Kyle: Hey.

Ava: I'm sorry, I should have come by last night so we could at least talk but...

Kyle: Yeah things got pretty ugly at my house too

Ava: I could only imagine what it could have looked like to them.

Kyle: Cameron kind of spelled things out for me.

Ava: Nikki had some pretty unprintable words for me too. But you were right. When they needed to know, they'd know. And now they do. I think Nikki's actually going to be

okay. She thinks she's cool. (Kyle doesn't say anything.) Kyle.

Kyle: I swear Ava, I'm so ready for this. I mean, this has nothing to do with my divorce, I really want this. Cameron doesn't. I didn't want this to be an issue. But this is a whole new boat for me. It's about my son. He just needs more time. I'm sorry.

(He leaves)

Scene switches to Nikki walking up to Cameron's house

Cameron: Hey! I thought you were grounded.

Nikki: I am

Cameron: Now you're turning into a regular delinquent. How many weeks?

Nikki: 2. You?

Cameron: I got three

Nikki: Sorry

Cameron: Well at least there will still be summer left after I get ungrounded

Nikki: Well I just wanted to say I’m sorry. I bolted last night like I was some stupid-

Cameron: Stupid? No, you were freaked. I was freaked. It was pretty freaky.

Nikki: Yeah, I'd go with freaky. Yeah well I just wanted to say.. I get going. Or I could get a third week too.

(They kiss)

Scene then goes to Johnny walking into the hose and then sees Bradin helping Derrick

with his rocket.

Scene then goes to Erika walking And then knocking on Jay's door. Jay opens the door and they stare at each other for a few moments and then kiss.

Scene then goes to Ava sitting on a rock looking out at the ocean when Susannah comes out and sits by her

Susannah: I'm sorry I pushed you.

Ava: I'm not.

(They stare out into the sunset.)

The End

Source: Twiz TV


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