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#104 : La famille avant tout

Bradin craque pour une fille riche, mais Ava est rouge de colère quand elle découvre un joint dans ses jeans. Aussi, Johnny promet d'aider Derrick pour sa pratique de baseball, mais ça tombe à l'eau puisque son travail consomme tout son temps.


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Titre VO
Into My Life

Titre VF
La famille avant tout

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Susannah et Ava

Susannah et Ava







Ava et Susannah

Ava et Susannah







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Jay le surfeur

Ava et Nikki, sa nièce

Ava et Nikki, sa nièce

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Ava Gregory



Plus de détails

Réalisateur: Matt Shakma
Scénariste: Katie Botel
Guests: Sara Paxton (Sarah), Zac Efron (Cameron), Jane Vinnik (une amie), Alejandra Flores (Rosie), Hohn Berg (Max Winters), Lauren Stamile (Lauren Cooper), Mark L. Taylor (Ed)

Scene opens with Susannah and Ava working on their clothing designs

Susannah: Ouch

Ava: Oh, I'm sorry. It's just not laying right under your arm.

Susannah: Nothing lays right under my arms. Why don't we just wait for toothpick girl everything fits her

Ava: We're not designing for toothpick girl remember?

Susannah: That's right. Rule number three. Thou shall design clothes that the average american woman can wear.

Ava: Exactly

(Doorbell rings)

(Nikki comes running down the stairs)

Nikki: Coming. I got it.

(NIkki runs to the door and Ava and Susannah look over the upstairs balcony when and see Nikki open the door to see Cameron standing there)

Nikki: Hey

Cameron: Hey they were out of short trews but I've got aqua

Nikki: Cool

(the phone rings)

Ava: Hello?

(camera cuts to Johnny and Derrick going into an office with baseball hats)

Johnny: I had to stop at the office.

Ava: Johnny, his practise starts in 10 minutes.

Derrick: We're going to be late

Johnny: No we're not going to be late. Alright we might be 5 minutes late

Ava: You said you would practice hitting with him

(Ava motions for Nikki and Cameron to stop going up to Nikki's room)

Johnny: Well we'll work on it after if we have to. But we won't have to because we're going to be in and out of here in 5 seconds flat

Ava: Okay, I'll talk to you later

Johnny says to Derrick: Time me.

(camera goes back to Ava at home)

Ava: Hey you guys. Hi Cameron.

Cameron: Hi Ms Gregorry

Ava: What are you two up to?

Nikki: Well you know how you said I should make the attic my own? Well it turns out that Cameron is like this artist.

Cameron: Well, kind of

Ava: Just use drop cloths.

Scene cuts to Bradin and Erika on the beach after surfing

Erika: God I'm famished. I always get hungry when the surf's this big you know?

Bradin: Well if you want-

(Jay shows up)

Jay: Hey guys. (to Bradin) Good lesson?

Erika: Bradin walked the nose

Jay: Well of course he did

Erika: And I'm starved

Jay: Aw well let's rock and roll (they start gathering their things and stop and look at Bradin) Oh, we're just going to grab a bite to eat you want to join us?

Bradin: Oh no, I think I'm going to head back in

Erika: Watch out for the reif

(Jay and Erika leave and Bradin goes back in the water)

(the camera cuts to Bradin surfing but keeps falling. He then goes under water and hits the reif and he walks out of the water with his foot bleeding.)

Bradin lays in the sand in pain when he hears someone talking to him..

Girl: Are you okay?

Bradin: I'm fine thanks

Girl: Really? Because you don't exactly look fine

Bradin: What? (he looks up at her and notices how pretty she is)

Girl: You're bleeding

Bradin: Really, I'm fine

Girl: If you say so

Bradin: Uh actually, I guess I could use some help.

Girl: Come on tough guy. Let's get you some medical attention.

They leave and the scene goes to a guy putting a bandaid on Bradin's foot.

Bradin: Cowboys?

Guy: I've also got barbie.

(he gets up and leaves)

Bradin: Well, that was really cool

Girl: Really cool would have been you going for barbie

(Bradin laughs)

Bradin: I'm Bradin. Bradin Westerly.

Girl: Sarah Bordin. I live over in Adermal's Bay.

Bradin: I'm kind of new around here

Sarah: Be on the bluffs. Most people around here refer to it as the place where the filthy ass rich people live. But don't judge me by my parent's tax break.

Bradin: No. No judging here.

Sarah: We'll see. So you want a free tour? I think I could sneak you past the guards.

Bradin: Sure.

The scene goes back to Ava and Susannah working in the upstairs living room

Ava: You're making me nervous

Susannah: Okay, I just don't understand why you're not at all concerned that Nikki and her so called boyfriend are alone upstairs doing god knows what with paint.

Ava: I'm trying to show her that I trust her. Although I am having flashbacks of Nikki and Cameron underneath that blanket

Susannah: Okay, so when you were 13 and Seth Harris came over what'd you guys do?

Ava: Same thing that you and Matt Dunlap did.

Susannah: And if I were to tell you that I may have done more than previously reported.

Ava: You cheated at have you ever? How much more?

Susannah: Let's just say I was advanced for my age.

(Ava looks up stairs)

Scene cuts to Nikki and Cameron moving a dresser.

(Ava enters)

Ava: Hey, what are you doing?

NIkki: Moving the dresser. We didn't want to get paint on it.

Ava: Oh, good thinking. Nikki, can you help me downstairs for a second? We have a...pinning issue.

Nikki: Okay

Scene switches to Ava talking to NIkki down in the upstairs living room

Ava: Nikki, It's great that you have a new friend in Cameron and you seem to really like each other which is also great.

Nikki: It's just paint.

Ava: Okay here's the deal. The door stays open you turn into a pumpkin at sunset and if I hear any silence i e no talking for more than 30 seconds I will...well I won't kick him out and totally embarass you.

(Susannah clears her throat)

Ava: No actually I will that's exactly what I'll do. You got it?

(They shake hands)

Nikki: You really think he likes me?

Ava: Totally

Scene goes to Johnny and Derrick at Johnny's office

Derrick: It's just that I haven't even hit the ball yet and all the guys keep looking at me. It's humilitating.

Johnny: Ah, you're just in a rut. We're going to have you hitting like A-rod. Alright, come on, let's go hit some balls baby

Guy: Durant. You got a minute?

Johnny: Uh, not really Ed.

Ed: It's important

Johnny: One minute. I promise. Alright.

(Johnny walks into Ed's office)

Ed: Matthews gave notice this morning. He's going to Millenium Beach Realty.

Johnny: I knew when I saw him having breakfast with old man turner last week.

Ed: Which leaves us in need for a new managing broker.

Johnny: And I am so your guy Ed

Ed: Well the head office has other ideas.

(they look behind them to see a girl at a desk)

Johnny: Lauren Cooper?

Ed: Yeah, gotta admit. She's a pistol.

Johnny: I have been your number one guy two years running. I've earned this Ed.

Ed: Which is what I said to them. Look, here's the deal. We just landed Fisherman's creek. A 15 lot, gated community, on the water. I'm going to give it to you and Lauren who ever sells the most units gets a promotion. Hey, you know if it was up to me huh? (looks at Lauren) You don't scare me.

Scene goes to Bradin and Sarah at her house out by the pool

Sarah: Too much, I know. My life in a nutshell.

Bradin: Actually I was thinking pretty cool.

(Woman from the house then says something in another language)

Sarah then says thank you in spanish

Sarah: Dad called. Wanted me to know that him and mom landed in Puquet and to email him. Let them know how my Calculous test went.

Bradin: School's been out for a month.

Sarah: They're not very good with time.

(Sarah then takes off her dress and jumps into the pool)

Sarah: You're not seriously going to stand there?

(Bradin takes off his shirt and jumps in)

Sarah: I'm free tonight. know..FYI.

Scene switches to Cameron and Nikki in her room

Nikki: Why can't you just let it go?

Cameron: Well I just didn't know that you still play with dolls.

Nikki: Her name is Sophia! She grew up in the 1800's in North Dakota and brought her family out west during the California God Rush. She is a very strong female role model. Which is something this world is definately lacking. And I don't really play with her. She's just kind know...there? Atleast I don't spend all my time playing some mindless Grand Theft Auto on a gameboy.

Cameron: Yeah well I don't waste all my time and besides it's not, you know, the worst way to wind down at the end of the day. Hey Nikki

(she turns around and he splashes her with paint.)

(She splashes her back and he's suprised)

Cameron: I barely got you.

Scene goes to Johnny and Derrick entering a really nice house

Derrick: Not too shabby

Johnny: Hey only 8500 of the amazing square footage you will ever see.

Lauren: VCH backed up?

Johnny: A little

Lauren: That's why I take the park way. You don't get the view but atleast you're always on time.

Johnny: I like the view. This view looks a little stuffy.

Lauren: Would you like something a little more of your generation? A little Jimmy Buffet perhaps?

Johnny: Hmm, nice.

Lauren: (to Derrick) Oh, hello. (to johnny) Yours?

Johnny: Kind of

Lauren: Adorable

Johnny : I know. Oh, look at that, my sales are pulling up

Lauren: Listen, and listen good. Studd. I was the top rated broker 5 years running in Maroon County. I haven't kept a property on the market for over 4 days and I've never sold for 50 grand over asking.

Johnny: Oh, well here's a little tip this isn't Maroon County Lauren this is Johnny Durant County.

Lauren: And so the billboards and park benches say but this promotion's mine. Durant. The plush off, the assistant, the company car, you're going to have to fight for you life like you've never faught before.

(doorbell rings)

Johnny: Oh the Jeffies have arrived, come on, come in. (to Lauren) Sold them the last 2 houses. Hmm I love the smell of Escrone in the morning.

Scene switches to Derrick in the kitchen

(Ava walks in)

Ava: Hey honey, I didn't hear you come in. Where's Johnny?

Derrick: He had to go back to his office.

Ava: Oh, how was practice?

Derrick: Good.

Ava: Has Johnny got you hitting yet?

Derrick: I don't really want to talk about it Aunt Ava.

Ava: Oh okay. That's fine.

Scene goes to Derrick walking up the stairs when Cameron comes down into the living room.

Cameron: Hey, cool sandwhich.

Derrick: Cool paint.

Cameron: Yeah, we even managed to get some of it on the walls. What position do you play?

Derrick: The bench mostly.

Cameron: No way

Derrick: My coach says my hand eye cordination needs maturing.

Cameron: Well if you want I can show you some stuff.

Derrick: Thanks but it's too late. My game's tomorrow.

Cameron: Hey we can go work on it right now. I just have to go wash this stuff off.

Derrick: Really?

Cameron: You bet. On one condition. You share that killer sandwhich.

Derrick: Okay

Scene goes to Susannah in the laundry room when Ava walks in.

(Susannah hold up a pair of Derrick's underwear)

Susannah: Things sure have changed around here

Ava: How do we keep forgetting that they're here everynight needing to be fed.

(Ava opens up an empty fridge)

Ava: Okay, mac and cheese it is.

Susannah: Are you preparing a little room service for the love birds up stairs?

Ava: Very funny. Did you see her? I mean, did you hear when she said "do you really think he likes me"?

Susannah: Yeah that's where you made the huge mistake of not saying no.

Ava: This is happening too fast. I just got her

Susannah: What do you think's going to happen? She's going to run off and go get married? I mean, maybe that's what they do in Kansas but the kids around here...

Ava: Much worse.

Susannah: Much worse

Ava: And she was wearing make up.

Susannah: I've been meaning to tell her that berry splash is so not her color.

Ava: Seriously.

Susannah: Just embrace it. And keep it here where you can control it. Keep your eye on that one.

Ava: What? You don't like Cameron?

Susannah: I just think the brick doesn't fall too far from the building. Like father like son.

Ava: Do we have to talk about Kyle?

Susannah: Sorry.

Ava: That's okay. I'm fine.

Scene switches to Cameron and Derrick walking into the house with a baseball bat.

Cameron: Most important rule?

Derrick: If you're going to swing. Swing.

Cameron: Alright. Give me fiver. Now high. Now low. Ohhhh too slow.

Ava: Hey you guys.

Derrick: Cameron was showing me some tricks of the trade

Cameron: Courtesy of the splinted splinter.

Derrick: That's Ted Williams, Aunt Ava.

Ava: Oh, I'm impressed. Cam, would you like to stay for dinner? Making Mac and Cheese.

Cameron: Okay

Ava: And maybe we can get you some clean clothes.

Cameron: I've just got to call my dad.

Ava: How is your dad?

Cameron: He's uh...he's good.

Ava: Well tell him I said hello.

Cameron: Sure.

(Nikki comes down stairs)

Nikki: There you are. I thought you went home or something.

Derrick: Cam was helping me with my hitting.

Nikki: Oh. Well uh, do you wanna get back?

Cameron: (on the phone) Oh, hey dad.

Ava: Oh Nikki, I invited Cameron to stay for dinner if that's alright with you?

Nikki: Oh, great.

Derrick: I think your boyfriend's totally cool.

(Cameron looks up and smiles at Nikki and Nikki nods.)

Scene goes to Bradin and Sarah walking on the pier later that night

Bradin: I cannot believe the waiter bought that line

Sarah: I can't believe you played it to conceievable that we could be celebrating our third anniversary.

Bradin: You have a baby to rush home to? C'mon.

Sarah: Got us free dessert didn't it? I like to push things right up to the breaker's edge. You know?

(Sarah jumps up onto the railing of the pier)

Bradin: Whoa Whoa Whoa Whoa Whoa Whoa Whoa Whoa

Sarah: Lean one way. Disaster. Lean another way. Adventure.

Bradin: You're crazy.

Sarah: I am not any more crazy than any other person.

(She jumps down and they kiss)

(They sit down and and Sarah searches for something in her jacket)

Bradin: Are you alright there?

(Sarah laughs)

(Sarah then pulls out a joint)

Sarah: Don't look so shocked.

Bradin: I'm not. I'm not. It's just that...

Sarah: No cops. I checked.

(Sarah lights the joint and smokes it )

Sarah: Can you believe this night?

(She hands the joint to Bradin and he smokes it too)

Scene switches to Cameron and Nikki walking past Ava in the kitchen

Ava: Chocolate cake for lunch? Excellent.

Derrick: We ate all the Mac and Cheese last night.

(Johnny comes in the front door)

Johnny: Whoa whoa heads up, heads up. Hey guys.

Derrick: Johnny!

(Derrick goes running into Johnny's room)

Derrick: Cameron got me to hit this morning. 3 in a row.

Johnny: See that we were only aiming for two. You've got to aim high my man. You've got to aim high.

Derrick: My game's at 4 today.

Johnny: What? You think for 1 second I'm going to miss your first game? Huh? You're out of here.

(Ava walks in)

Ava: His coach called. Wanted to know why he missed practice yesterday.

Johnny: I yeah I know I messed up on that one. It's a work thing. It's got a little more complicated than I thought.

Ava: I know you said you wanted to do this but if it's too much...

Johnny: No. It's not. I can do this. And I will be there. I will be there coaching him all the way, okay? 4 o'clock?

Ava: 4 o'clock.

Johnny: Okay

Scene switches to Bradin entering Sarah's house

(Bradin sees Sarah working with a bunch of computers and some music)

Sarah: Damn it

Bradin: Wow!

Sarah: Oh my god. You nearly gave me a coranary.

Bradin: This is wild. All this stuff.

Sarah: The best desretion company can buy

Bradin: I didn't know you were into music.

Sarah: Trying. Although I'm ready to give up completely on this bridge.

Bradin: So you play all this stuff by yourself?

Sarah: Well I use loops and samples but I play guitar, keyboards, and I sing. You wanna try?

Bradin: No

Sarah: C'mon. Here, these are some words I'm working on. I'll sing then you. Pay no attention to the woman behind the curtain.

(They sing)

Sarah: Well aren't you full of suprises.

Scene switches to Cameron and Nikki in Nikki's room eating cake.

Cameron: Well I've got the times for the movies. And I was thinking after we could...(Cameron looks up at Nikki who was cake on her face and he laughs)

Nikki: What?

Cameron: You've got...

(Nikki trys to get the cake off...)

Cameron: Here (He reaches over and wipes it off

(They kiss)

(Susannah comes in)

Susannah: Hey guys. What's going on?

Cameron + Nikki: Nothing.

(Susannah looks around the room)

Susannah: Wow this is very Jackson Polit meets Little House on the Prairie. Very interesting.

Cameron: Well it wasn't exactly what we're going for but they say happy accidents are often most creative.

Susannah: Often said by the accident pro. Hey Cameron can I borrow you for a second I have some fabrics in the car. I need a little guy muscle.

Cameron: Sure.

Susannah: (to Nikki who looks upset) I'll have him back in a flash

Scene goes to Johnny at a house he's wanting to sell.

Lauren speaking to customers: Newlyweds, late twenties, doctors...

(cell phone rings as Johnny goes by and they both reach for their phones)

(Johnny answers his phone:

Johnny: Johnny.

Ed: Someone from the LA office just called. She's sending Max Bennit down.

Johnny: The film producer?

Ed: A mobile like that can really get the word of mouth rolling.

Johnny: I'm all over that.

Ed: No no, I want you and Lauren to work this together. Bury the hatchet. It's much too important. Take him out to lunch. Woo him.

Johnny: How about Gonerds?

Ed: Perfect. Diet like him. They love that french cuisine. 1 o'clock.

Johnny: 1 o'clock.

(Johnny hangs up)

Johnny: Excuse me Ms Cooper...can I steal you away for one second?

Lauren to customers: Just a moment

(Walks up to Johnny)

Johnny: That was Ed, he, um, he wants us to drop everything and focus on one buyer.

Lauren: One buyer

Johnny: One important very motivated buyer. Max Bennit, the film produver.

Lauren: I know who he is

Johnny: Good because we're supposed to have lunch with him at 1.

Lauren: I have clients coming in the afternoon after 2.

Johnny: Look I just assumed you'd take it but he was very clear that he wants both of us on it.

Scene switches to Cameron talking to Derrick about baseball as Nikki walks down the stairs

Nikki: You've been down here the whole time?

Cameron: Yeah, I'm getting Derrick ready for his game. Oh, I'm sorry. I guess I keep doing that.

Nikki: Kind of.

(Ava walks in)

Ava: Hey guys, get ready. We're going to leave in about 5 minutes.

Nikki: We're?

Derrick: Cam said he'd come too.

Nikki: But I thought that we were going to the movies.

Cameron: We can go tomorrow?

Ava: Um Nikki, can you help me outside for a minute?

(They walk outside)

Ava: Listen, this game is really important to Derrick and he wants Cameron to be with him.

Nikki: But we were going to go to the movies. I mean, 16 candels is playing this week and...I thought Johnny was coaching him

Ava: Yeah I thought so too I'm not really sure what's going on there. Look, I know you want your date but this would mean so much to Derrick.

(Nikki nods)

Scene switches to Sarah and Bradin on the beach with their boards in the sand.

Bradin: We're going to start laying down on the board

Sarah: You mean...horizontal?

Bradin: Are you going to be serious about this?

Sarah: Sorry, this is just a little too Blue Crush for me.

(Sarah dumps her stuff out of her bag and a joint comes out as well)

Sarah: You want it?

Bradin: Uh, no, that's okay.

Sarah: Take it. For later.

(Bradin takes it and puts it in his bag)

(Sarah then pick up her board and goes running into the water)

(Camera shows Sarah surfing very well)

(Sarah comes running back over to Bradin)

Bradin: So you surf?

Sarah: I grew up in Playa Linda

Bradin: You could have told me

Sarah: You could have asked.

Scene switches to Derrick's baseball game

Ava: Oh man (Ava looks at his watch) He's not even here, he promised he'd be here

Susannah: There's still time.

Ava: There's two outs.

Scene switches to Johnny having lunch with the film producer

Film Producer: So anyways, so we had 45 minutes of daylight left and the sun is going down, the cops are on their way, so we just start pulling out rolls, hundreds, I'm not even going to deal with that cost. But the picture grows 240. Now that is a happy ending in my book.

Derrick: So Mr Bennit, if you're sure you don't want to see the property all I'm going to need is a signature.

Film Producer: Of course now that was nothing compared to shooting in Cosamil. Bugs coming out of everywhere.

Scene switches back to Derrick's baseball game.

Ava: Why are these kids this good?

(Derrick is going up to Batt)

Cameron: C'mon Derrick let's go

Ava: C'mon Derrick you can do it. C'mon buddy.

(Derrick swings and misses the ball)

Umpire: Strike one.

Cameron: Wait for your ball Derrick. You'll know when you see it.

(Derrick swings and misses again.

Umpire: Stike 2!

CAmeron: It's okay it's okay alright? This was all yours.

Susannah: C'mon Derrick hit it out of the park. (Ava gives her a look) It could happen.

(Derrick misses another pitch)

Umpire: Strike 3

Scene goes to Ava, Derrick, and Nikki walking away from the diamond.

(Johnny comes running up)

Johnny: I am so sorry I got held up the client was just...(Nikki, Derrick and Susannah keep walking) I know that look

Ava: You said you'd be here.

Johnny: You don't understand...I am this close. All those years in the field...driving clients around, sitting in open houses, I have earned this promotion.

Ava: Johnny, no one's begrudging you success

Johnny: It's just one game. Right? There's going to be lots more games. ANd at the end of this week...this promotion is mine.

Ava: Well that's great. I wish you all the luck.

(Ava leaves)

Scene switches to Derrick laying in bed with Ava sitting on the side

Derrick: No one said I had to be a brilliant baseball player. I could try soccer. Or surfing.

Ava: You could. But Derrick, I promise you, as God as my witness, you will hit that ball.

(Ava kisses his forhead)

Ava: Get some sleep.

(Ava shuts the light off and starts to walk to the door)

Ava: Goodnight (trips over Bradin's bag) Oh Bradin, ugh this mess...

(Ava finds the joint.)

Ava: Oh my god.

Derrick: Aunt Ava?

Ava: Oh um, I'm okay. Just a little clumsy. Um, goodnight sweetheart. Sweet dreams.

Scene opens to Ava talking to Johnny and Susannah on the back portch.

Ava: Things I wasn't prepared for include this

(Jay walks out)

Jay: He's 16, what do you expect?

Susannah: When my friends and I got caught at school with pot my dad had the headmaster call the cops and through me in jail over night.

Ava: Okay, I'm not calling the cops.

Jay: My parents seized my stash. And smoked it with me. The whole thing. Kept us pretty out of it for about 2 days straight. And then they made me watch the shining and it scared the living bajeezes out of me.

Ava: And that helped?

Jay: For about a month, yeah.

Johnny: Oh my gosh. Look, I know I haven't been the greatest example of parenting around here but my instincts are telling me that we have to nip this in the butt. Heavy grounding.

Jay: What?! Give him a warning. You remember what it was like at his age

Johnny: Well no actually I don't. Smoking pot doesn't seem so cool when your mom comes home stoned or drunk every other night. If she did come home.

Ava: Oh what kind of hypocrite am I? I experimented when I was his age and believe me there was hell to pay for it from my dad. But what do I do? Do I tell him that or do I lie to him?

Jay: Lie. (Ava looks at him) Well he's a smart kid. Maybe we could hear his side of the story. Let him decide his own punishment.

Johnny: And what do you think that punishment is going to be?

Ava: It's after midnight and he's not even home yet. This is not like Bradin. I really need your help guys.

Scene switches to Ava sitting on the beach as Bradin walks over to her from in the water

Bradin: Hey aunt Ava! You should check out the surf. It's pretty awesome.

Ava: Bradin, we need to talk.

Bradin: Sure.

(Ava holds up the joint)

Ava: What's going on?

Bradin: It's not a big deal

Ava: It is a big deal

Bradin: It's not even mine.

Ava: First you come home drunk and now you're smoking pot?

Bradin: I'm not smoking pot. Okay? A friend gave it to me. I didn't want to take it..I just...I didn't wanna look uncool.

Ava: Since when are you afraid of looking uncool? Back at home you were the most popular boy at Hogarth County and you certaintly weren't smoking pot.

Bradin: How do you know?

Ava: Because your mother would have told me

Bradin: Yeah? Well she did tell me you did. At the time you got caught outside the barn. Do you remember that?

Ava: Did she also tell you what your grandfather did to me? And what do you think your father would have done if he had found this in your room?

Bradin: I wouldn't had seen daylight again for God knows how long but you know that. You know that. So if that's what you're going to do, if you're going to be like him and you're not going to believe me, you're not going to trust me, then fine. It's good to know where I stand.

(Bradin leaves)

Scene switches to Derrick in the kitchen as Johnny enters

Johnny: Hey there. Good morning tiger. You know I'm thinking...(Derrick walks away from him into the tv room) Okay, alright, you have every right to be mad at me. You do. It's just, well this promotion is important to me. And...(Derrick keeps watching the TV so Johnny shuts it off) I'll tell you what, in a couple days this will all be over and in no time in all'll be hitting like .350 I promise.

Derrick: Could you do me a favor, Johnny?

Johnny: Sure pal. Anything.

Derrick: Stop making promises.

(Derrick leaves)

Scene goes to Johnny entering his office.

Johnny: (To Lauren) You're here early.

Lauren.: Just picking up a deposit.

Johnny: Yeah, me too. Big one

Lauren: You think you're so clever

Johnny: Can't stand the heat then get out of my kitchen. It's a good look for you. Yoga?

Lauren: Kickboxing. Tell you what. From now on we both rely on salesmanship and salesmanship alone.

Johnny: Yeah, I can do that. Holllldddd it right there. I'm not going to let you get a headstart.

Lauren: I'm just going home to change

Johnny: And I'm going to be right there. Only outside while you do that.

Scene changes to Nikki in the kitchen packing up a picnic basket.

(Cameron enters)

Cameron: Hey, what's up Nik?

Nikki: Well I thought it would be fun if we had a picnic near the cove.

Cameron: It's just I promised Derrick I'd help him on his hitting.

(Derrick enters)

Derrick: Hi Cam

Cameron: Hey. What's up dude man? You ready to get to work?

Nikki: Okay first of all his name is Cameron okay?

Cameron: Everyone calls me Cam

Nikki: And second of all I didn't want to stay here today. I thought that this was going to be fun-

Derrick: That's okay, Aunt Ava said that she'd pitch to me.

(Ava comes down the stairs wearing a hat and a glove)

Ava: Hey! Ready? (She hold up a tennis ball for a few seconds and then lifts up a baseball) Kidding. C'mon buddy let's go. I got you a baseball batt, you're all set.

(Derrick and Ava walk out)

Nikki: Do you not want to go? 'Cause we can do something else. Like go to the movies.

Cameron: It's just I remember what it was like at his age. You know, and how tough it can be.

Nikki: Fine. Do whatever you want.

(Nikki leaves)

Scene changes to Nikki sitting in her room alone.

(There's a knock on the door)

NIkki: Go away.

(Cameron comes in)

Nikki: I thought you were helping Derrick.

Cameron: Well your aunt's actually got it under control. (About the room) I think it looks kind of cool. Don't you think?

Nikki: I don't know. I'm thinking of painting it back to white.

Cameron: Oh, sure, I guess. We can still go to the picnic if you want. Or the movies.

Nikki: Maybe some other time. I'm actually going to finish cleaning up.

Cameron: Could I help?

Nikki: No, it's okay.

Cameron: Well I guess I'll see ya.

Nikki: Yeah

(Cameron leaves)

Scene goes to Johnny talking on the phone and lauren in the background talking on the phone too.

Scene then goes to Johnny and Lauren putting different colored pins on a board with all the lots they're selling.

Scene then goes to Derrick sitting on the ground throwing his ball up and down.

Scene goes back to Lauren putting a peg on a lot on the board when Johnny walks up behind her

Johnny: Well it looks like we're even

Lauren: Tonight.

Johnny: Should make for an interesting tomorrow.

(Lauren walks away)

Scene switches to Bradin walking up to Sarah at a party on the beach

Sarah: Hey

Bradin: Listen, can I talk to you for a second?

Sarah: Sure

Bradin: I mean alone.

(They get up and walk away from the party)

Bradin: Look, my aunt found your joint

Sarah: Not my joint cowboy.

Bradin: Well the one you gave me.

Sarah: Which would make it your joint.

Bradin: Well whatever. She freaked.

Sarah: So...does this mean...that I'm like a bad influence on you? Cause I've always aspired to be a bad influence on someone.

Bradin: Would you stop? You're not helping the situation.

Sarah: So...what can I do for you?

Bradin: I'm not asking you to do anything, Sarah.

Girl: Sarah!

Sarah: C'mon. Hang out. Relax. Let your troubles melt away.

Scene switches to Johnny walking into the kitchen where Ava is.

Johnny: Somebody's making bacon? Kind of like old times

Ava: He quit.

Johnny: Excuse me?

Ava: Derrick. He quit baseball.

Johnny: Ava-

Ava: Johnny, he was counting on you

Johnny: I know and-

Ava: He looks up to you and I know you know that. Look I understand this promotion mean a lot to you and we're all trying to balance our lives here but if you couldn't have been there for him I wish you would have just been upfront with me.

(Derrick comes in)

Ava: Hey buddy! I saved all these oranges for you. I know how much you like to squeeze them. Just do it really hard and you'll get alot of juice out of them.

Derrick: This one's going to be an extra special batch

(Johnny leaves)

Scene switches to Johnny entering his room

(The phone rings)

Johnny: Hey Ed.

Ed: I'm sending Judd Goldstone over this morning.

Johnny: Goldstone? As in-?

Ed: Tires. This one's going to do it for you. Finally, all those years are going to pay off. The promotion's yours.

Johnny: Yeah

(He hangs up)

Scene switches to Nikki up in her room dipping a paint brush in and out of the paint.

(Ava enters)

Ava: Wow, this looks pretty neat.

Nikki: I'm painting over it.

Ava: Because of Cameron?

NIkki: No, that'd be stupid

Ava: If you say so. But a's okay to be stupid every once and a while over a boy.

Nikki: I hate him.

Ava: No you don't

Nikki: I do. I really do. He made fun of Sophia.

Ava: Your doll Sophia?

Nikki: And I told him it's not like I'm playing with her anymore but it was just really humiliating. And he's spending all his time with Derrick. I thought it was going to be different.

Ava: Oh sweetie come here.

(They hug)

Nikki: He's probably never going to talk to me again.

Ava: Oh I doubt that. Nikki, just because Cameron is spending time with Derrick doesn't mean he likes you any less

Nikki: Yeah but he's supposed to be here for me.

Ava: Nikki, if there's one thing I know about Cameron...he's a really good kid. He saw that Derrick needed some help and he was there to help him. And I know you. Given a similair situation and you would do the exact same thing.

Nikki: I feel even worse.

Ava: Well, I wish I could tell you it gets easier but it doesn't. Although most of us put up with the pain because not loving...that's alot worse.

Scene goes to Jay in his shop

Jay: (To customer) So it will be ready in two weeks.

(Bradin walks in)

Jay: Good morning. Rough night?

Bradin: Oh god...I-

Jay: I covered. don't worry. I told Ava you opened up the shop for me. But you spend another night out of the house and you won't be so lucky. You've got a second lease on life baby. Don't screw it up.

Bradin: What do you mean?

Jay: You didn't speak to Ava?

Bradin: No

Jay: You're a free man

Bradin: What? Are you serious?

Jay: Look, you obviously know right from wrong. I mean, you're 16. Practically an adult. It's time to start acting like one.

Bradin: So I guess I have you to thank for this one too huh?

Jay: Actually, it was your aunt. She doesn't want to see you make the same mistakes as she did. I was all for you making the same mistakes I did. I thought it might have been kind of to watch.

Bradin: Well to tell you the truth..I don't really think it matters anyways.

Jay: Trouble in paradise?

Bradin: I just don't think I'm her type.

Jay: Well do you like her?

Bradin: Yeah, yeah, I don't know. She's really kind of weird.

Jay: Weird Sometimes.

Bradin: Yeah well I don't know if I'm really into her kind of fun.

Jay: Well have you told her that?

Bradin: And sound like some kind of after school special? Hell no. You know, she makes me feel happy. For the first time in a long time.

Jay: If that's the case. You need to me straight with her man. For both your sakes.

(Jay puts some posters in Bradin's hands and walks away)

Scene switches to Johnny talking to Lauren on the phone while he packs a cooler.

Johnny: No catch

Lauren: Right. I know you're up to something Durant.

Johnny: Goldstones are a big equestrian family. Make sure you mention all your stables are less than a mile away

Lauren: You realize what this means don't you? The office, the assistant, the company car all mine. Not to mention the fact that you'll be reporting to me.

Johnny: I'm sure you'll be gentle.

Lauren: Haha. Not a chance.

(Johnny hangs up and walks into the living room where Derrick is lying on the couch)

Johnny: Alright! Get dressed big guy you've got a game to get to.

Derrick: I'm not going.

Johnny: Yes you are

Derrick: No I'm not.

Johnny: Yes you are

Derrick: No I'm not

Johnny: Yes you are. Now get your but upstairs...........Derrick, I am sorry that I let you down the last few days. But I'm going to be there for you today. I'm going to be at your practice tomorrow. And you and I are going to hit them until you're dreaming fly balls.

Derrick: I don't want to.

Johnny: Yes you do. (Picks Derrick up over his shoulders) Here we go. Yes, come on. Here we go.

Scene switches to Nikki walking up to Cameron on the beach who is reading a book.

Nikki: Hey (Looks at book) Forever

Cameron: Judie Blonde. Definately a woman. Trying to get some insight.

Nikki: I'm really sorry. I wasn't thinking.

Cameron: Yeah, whatever. Why'd you have to change your room back?

Nikki: I didn't. I'm getting used to it.

Cameron: Does that mean that you still have one more wall to do? I could help.

Nikki: Yeah, that would be really great.

Cameron: I'm not doing anything right now. I mean, this is helpful but-

Nikki: Actually, can we wait a little bit. 'Cause Derrick has another game today and we're all going and I'm sure he'd really like it if you were there. He thinks you're really cool.

(They smile at each other and everything is dandy.)

Scene switches to Bradin and Sarah walking by the beach

Sarah: You're being quiet. Scary quiet. What's going on?

Bradin: Nothing. (they stop walking) Look, I like you alot.

Sarah: Here it comes. But? Just spit it out. You don't want to hang with me. Whatever.

Bradin: No, that's not it. I'm just not into smoking pot. Okay?

Sarah: Seriously?

Bradin: Look, I know it sounds lame...

Sarah: That's what you're freaking over?

Bradin: No, I'm not freaking. I just don't want to do it.

Sarah: Okay.

Bradin: Really?

Sarah: I am who I am Bradin. You can take it or leave it. Your choice.

(She kisses him)

Bradin: I gotta go.

Sarah: Sure. I'm around you know. For the summer.

Bradin: I know.

Scene switches to Derrick's baseball game

Johnny: One man on. You hear that number 9?

(Derrick goes up to batt)

Johnny: Okay, we've got one on. One on, alright Derrick? No presure. First inning, here we go buddy. No presure at all.

Ava: Oh God, please let him hit the ball.

Cameron: Come on Derrick! You can do it!

Nikki: Let's go Derrick let's go! (They all clap) Let's go Derrick let's go (They clap)

(Derrick swings and misses)

Umpire) Strike one.

Ava: I can't sit here.

Bradin: Alright D! Come'on.

Johnny: Just concentrate...keep your eye on the ball.

Ava: C'mon Derrick.

(Derrick swings and misses)

Umpire: Strike 2!

Johnny: It's okay buddy. Just choke up on that thing, lean into it, and crank it into the ocean. (derrick gives him a dirtly look) You're right, just a hit.

Ava: C'mon Derrick.

(Derrick hits the ball and he end up getting a home run and everyone cheers.)

The End…

Source: TWIZ TV.

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