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#107 : Vague de chaleur

Ava doit réparer les coups quand un ami de Derrick trouve une photo d'elle nue et l'apporte à la maison. Bradin demande conseils à Jay et Johnny quand il envisage d'avoir une relation sexuelle pour la première fois avec Sarah. Mais la nuit suivante, il est blessé et confus lorsqu'il voit la même jeune fille à un rendez-vous avec un autre gars. Enfin, la jalousie de Nikki met un frein à sa relation avec Cameron.


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Titre VO
To Thine Self Be True

Titre VF
Vague de chaleur

Première diffusion

Première diffusion en France


Taylor Lautner dans Summerland

Taylor Lautner dans Summerland


Taylor Lautner parle de son apparition dans la série

Taylor Lautner parle de son apparition dans la série


Plus de détails

Réalisateur: Timothy Busfield
Scénariste: Gay Walch
Guests: Shelley Buckner (Amber Starr), Sara Paxton (Sarah), Zac Efron (Cameron), Tyler Patrick Jones (Chris), Susan Walters (Carol McFarlane), Brad Schmidt (Mac)

Sarah entre dans la chambre de bradin, pendant la nuit. Elle est nue.

Suite à venir...

Scene opens to Bradin laying in his bed

(Bradin looks up and a flash of bright light comes in by the door and Sarah shows up)

Bradin: Sarah?

(Sarah comes forward with no clothes and only wings)

Bradin: Where've you been?

Sarah: Around. Like I said I'd be. I've been so lonely. I tried calling but your housekeeper doesn't speak english

Bradin: We don't have a housekeeper.

Sarah: Details.

(They kiss)

(They look over and Derrick is staring at them)

(The alarm clock goes off)

(Bradin jumps in his bed)

Radio: Good morning Playa Linda it's going to be a hot 105 degrees in the shade today as this heat wave continues.

(Camera then shows Bradin in the shower turning off the cold tap)

Scene then goes to Bradin on the phone

Sarah's machine: Hey this is Sarah but I'm not sure where I am or when I'll be back so if you can live with all that incertainty. Leave it at the beep

Bradin: Hi um it's Bradin. Sorry I haven't called I didn't really know whether um anyway it's it's gonna to be like 105 today you know um perfect day to be in the water so um I'm going to be down surfing at 2 brothers at around 10 if you want to come by.

Scene goes to Ava and Susannah in the kitchen

Ava: Here we go. There's still some spaces at that marine biology day camp. That should keep them busy through August.

Susannah: Okay, what happened to not structuring them to death?

Ava: The heat happened, it reminded me

Susannah: Of?

Ava: Of all the bad stuff that can happen during summer.

Susannah: Oh quick, look, the hot Derrick Martha action on the back patio

(Camera goes to Derrick and his friend Martha)

Derrick: You know what's amazing? 2 billion years of evolution and the flies still don't know the truth about spider webs.

(Derrick and Martha hold hands)

Susannah: Oh there's the issue of the pesky older brother

(Boy shows up)

Boy: Spys from another country. (makes gun noises) Oh I've conquered.

(Suannah and Ava laugh as they watch them play)

Scene goes to Nikki sitting on a bench watching everyone walk by

(Cameron pulls up on his bike)

Nikki: Oh my god it's you!!

Cameron: It's me

Nikki: How long have you been back?

Cameron: 2 days. Oh, I wanted to call but it was so hot. I couldn't move. I just-

Nikki: I really missed you.

Cameron: Yeah, me too.

Nikki: Hey you want to spend the rest of the day chilling at 2 brothers?

Cameron: Oh, I'd love to but I can't. I got a job for the rest of the summer. Which I'm on my way to.

Nikki: Oh really? Where?

Cameron: Tiki Squeeze. If you come by I'll treat you to a super delux smoothie. Well atleast I'll give you the employee discount. Well I gotta-

(Nikki hugs him)

Cameron: Well, I'll see ya

Nikki: You bet

Scene goes to Derrick, Martha and the boy entering Johnny's room

Derrick: It was here in the dungeon that the murder was comitted

Martha: But inspector the body was found in the drawing room

Derrick: Aha. The criminal mind is more clever then you can imagine.

Boy: Why can't we just watch TV?

Derrick: I thought you weren't allowed to watch TV.

Boy: At home yeah, but how's my mom gonna know? Unless somebody tells.

Derrick: It was there (Points to the closet) In the cript where the murder awaited. Knife in hand-

Boy: Oh maybe the knife is still in there.

Derrick: I don't think you should be going into Johnny's closet.

Boy: Cooool. (The boy reaches up to grab a box)

Martha: Chris, don't do that. There really isn't a knife

(The box falls and everything comes tumbling out)

(Derrick and the Boy start to put things back in)

Chris: Cool stuff (The boy picks up a picture) Whoa. Really cool.

Martha: Mom would kill you for looking at that kind of picture.

Derrick: Let me see that.

Martha: Derrick, it's your aunt.

(Derrick takes the picture)

Chris: You've got one pretty hot aunt there.

Derrick: Shut up

(Derrick puts the picture back in the box and closes it)

Chris: I want to see it again!

Derrick: Nobody's looking at it.

Ava: Derrick! I need you to bring up your laundry.

Derrick: Put it back , we shouldn't even be in here. Coming aunt Ava!

(Derrick goes running out and so does Martha)

(Christakes the picture and puts it in his pocket)

Scene goes to Derrick surfing as a girl watches him.

Guy: Do it

(The girl goes running over to Bradin)

Girl: Excuse me, Bradin? Hi, I was just wondering when you do that whole cut back thing you just did what foot you put your weight on?

Bradin: Oh I don't know. I don't really pay attention.

Girl: It's amazing how fast you've gotten that good.

Bradin: What? How do you know my name?

Girl: If I die right now of embarrasment will you notify my next of kin?

(Bradin is then thrown to the ground by Sarah)

Sarah: I thought you were never gonna call me

(The other girl walks away)

(They kiss)

(Camera goes to the girl sitting back down by her friend)

Guy: What are you gonna to do?

(Camera goes back to Sarah and Bradin)

Bradin: I wasn't sure where we left things

Sarah: I guess it's time to find out. How about tomorrow at Spanish Cove? Around 8? In the cave. Where it's cool.

(Sarah goes running off)

Scene goes to Bradin, Jay, and Johnny out on the back deck lifting weights on a bench

Bradin: She's been all over the world. She's met so many guys.

Jay: And you think that every one of these guys is some kind of olympic pro in the sac? Let me tell you something Bradin. I don't care where she's been 6 is the same in Paris as it is back in Kansas.

Johnny: Ahmen brother

Bradin: Yeah but back in Kansas, I was going to I just...

Jay: Let me say, I'm envious of you.

Bradin: Envious?

Johnny: Okay girls let's keep moving

Bradin: Even though I'm seventeen and still a virgin.

Jay: Damn straight. Then you still stand a chance of remembering what happened the first time. I wake up at the south end of Bundi Beach with Alice Riley passed out beside me with my shorts roasting on the fire pit, and a smile on my face and absolutely no idea how any of them got there.

Johnny: Just consider yourself lucky that you got to this point in your own sweet time. With a girl as I read, you actually like.

Bradin: Well what point? I don't even feel like I'm at a point. I'm just going out to dinner with her

Jay: Whatever you do...forget about all these other guys. 6? It's not an achievement. It's not a boat you're the captain of. It's the tide that washes you away-

Ava: Bradin

Jay: It's-

Bradin: Hey, aunt Ava

Ava: There's a life guard training course that starts today at the pier. I called and there's a place for you but we have to get there by 9.

Bradin: No thank you, aunt Ava. I-well maybe next week. When it cools down.

Johnny + Jay: Next week

Ava: Okay, well what are you going to do today?

Bradin: Uh...

Johnny + Jay: Nothing

Bradin: Nothing

Ava: Stay busy

Bradin: Okay

(Bradin takes the weights and they fall on his chest as Jay and Johnny watch Ava walk away)

Bradin: Guys guys guys.

Jay: Whoa!

Johnny: Alright, hang on. Alright. Brass tax. Becaue I hope you know who's responsiablity for protection it is.

Bradin: I know, I got one

Jay + Johnny: One?

Jay: Never ever underestimate the power of love

(Johnny takes Bradin into his room)

(Johnny opens a drawer)

(Johnny hands him some condoms)

Johnny: Keep the change

Scene goes to Cameron cleaning up used cups at the Tiki Squeeze

(Nikki then walks over and picks up a cup for him

Nikki: Hi

Amber: I'm sorry, we don't allow pets

Nikki: Really? Seems like there's enough dogs working here.

Cameron: Will you guys cut it out?

Amber: Cam, I could really use some help in the back. That dishwasher is acting up again

Cameron: Ah, sure Amber. (To Nikki) I'm sorry. Bad time?

Nikki: Did you just happen to forget to tell me who you were working with?

Cameron: Uh, look I've got to work Nikki, come by at 4 okay?

(Amber and Cameron walk away)

(Nikki looks over and sees Jay opening up his shop)

(Nikki goes running over and in the shop)

Jay: Hello there

Nikki: Hi, I need a job.

Jay: What?

Nikki: Right now and you don't even have to pay me.

Jay: Um I suppose there's something in the back...

Nikki: No in the front. It has to be in the front. Uh I could um, I could clean the windows!

Jay: Nikki, you know there are laws. There are work permits, a whole bunch of things I need to sort out.

Nikki: You need to help me Jay, I am desperate. I am really really desperate.

Jay: Okay okay, I'll pay you. We'll sort out the work permit thing tomorrow, okay?

Nikki: Okay great.

Jay: You can start by-

Nikki: Cleaning the windows right?

Jay: Cleaning the windows right

(Nikki then looks over at Cameron and Amber and sees them laughing together.)

Scene goes to Ava in the upstairs living room

(Derrick enters)

Ava: Hey honey, what's wrong?

Derrick: Martha's not coming over anymore

Ava: What? How come?

Derrick: She just said that her mom told her that she couldn't come over tonight. And when I said "what about tomorrow" she said that she was gonna be really busy for the rest of the summer. Why would she do that all of a sudden?

Ava: I-I don't know.

Scene goes to Susannah, Ava, and Johnny out on the patio

Ava: Maybe I should talk to her mom and we could help them patch things up.

Johnny: If you had a problem with one of your friends and their mom called your mom how long do you think it would have taken you to let that down?

Ava: I wouldn't know what I was doing I would just be going down the street and introducing myself to the parents of one of my nephew's friends

(Jay sits down at the table)

Susannah: Oh, I once was blind but now I see. Derrick is just the excuse. You want some lessons from super mom.

Johnny: What? Lessons on how to build a television free invironment? C'mon

Jay: That outta make summer school sound fun.

Susannah: How to make sugar free snacks that your kids will pretend to love

Ava: Well hold on a second here. Summer school would have been a good idea. And they do watch too much TV. And chocolate grahm crackers? That's not a breakfast food

(Derrick enters)

Ava: Hey buddy. You want to sit with us?

Derrick: No thanks

(Derrick keeps walking)

Susannah: Drink up sister, we're gonna pay a visit to super mom

Scene goes to Sarah and Bradin in the cave

Sarah: Have you ever noticed how nothing in the world makes any sense? I mean, my parents never bother to come home. Yours went to every PTA barbaque ever created and they never can come home. Who figures this stuff out?

Bradin: If you had asked my father he would have said God.

Sarah: What would your father have said to 3 kids losing their parents?

Bradin: That God had something planned we just couldn't see yet?

Sarah: I wish I had that faith or whatever it is

Bradin: Yeah

(Sarah turns on the music)

Sarah: So? You want to dance. You alright?

(They start to dance)

Bradin: Yeah

Sarah: We're not here you know?

Bradin: Where are we?

Sarah: Riodejanera (Spelling?) Dancing on the terrace at the copa cabana palace hotel, the palms are swanging in the breeze , the moon is shining over the bay. It's the last song before the end of the world and everybody's gone home except for you and me

(They kiss and lay down)

The scene goes to Martha's mom, Ava and Susannah at Martha's house

Martha's Mom: I think I know why you're here and I'm sorry I should have called you directly but frankly I was too upset.

Ava: Really, what were you upset about?

Martha's Mom: Well I don't want to make any judgements I mean I find sometimes I'm a judgemental person and I'm trying really hard to fight that in myself.

Susannah: That's awesome

Martha's Mom: But even though Chris and Martha are very found of Derrick, Martha especially, I'm sure that's no secret. I just, well I just don't feel comfortable with them spending time in that environment.

Ava: What environment?

Martha's Mom: You don't have to get defensive

Ava: No I'm not being defensive I just don't know what you're talking about.

Martha's Mom: Well I'm just not very sure about the level of adult supervision in your house. I feel like half the time you just leave them with your room mates.

Ava: Roommates?

Martha's Mom: Who serve them banana splits for lunch

Ava: Well Johnny is a big believer in

Ava + Susannah: Ice cream

Ava: Yeah

Ava: But Carol, Johnny, Jay and Susannah are more than friends they're family. And I would trust them with the kids 100% I think that if we could just talk about this we could get past what's a little bit of ice cream and a whole lot of misunderstanding

Carol: I was hoping that I wouldn't have to bring this up but..

(Carol gets up and opens a drawer and pulls out the picture that Chris took from Johnny's closet. She hands it to Ava. Ava is shocked. Susannah looks at it.)

Susannah: You look good.

(Ava is still mortified.)

Scene goes to Johnny and Ava in Johnny's room

Ava: What were you thinking? You said that you would throw them away!

Johnny: Well I did, most of them.

Ava: But

Johnny: I mean, c'mon I had to keep one of them

Ava: We had a pact

Johnny: Well did you throw away the ones you took of me?

Ava: Yes. Easily. The night you married Beth.

Johnny: So you kept them that whole time? I mean you were like-

Ava: What is wrong with men? Is there ever a second that goes by that you don't need your ego stroked? And Johnny, banana splits for lunch?

Johnny: Hey hey ice cream calcium, bananas potassium, and chocolate has a lot of things...Ava, Ava, listen sit down. This woman is a crab apple. And since when did you twist yourself into a pretzel about what the crab apples of the world think?

Ava: She's not a crab apple. She's someone who cares about her children and she'll do whatever it takes to keep them safe.

(Ava leaves)

Scene switches to Ava and Derrick

Derrick: Will Martha's mom ever let me see her again?

Ava: Well sometimes things look different to people after they've cooled down

Derrick: Why did Johnny have it in his room?

Ava: Well because Johnny took the picture. It shouldn't have been in this house Derrick. It was a crazy time in my life, I'm really sorry.

The scene goes to Sarah and Bradin laying in the cove the next morning

(They kiss)

Bradin: Um, what time is it?

Sarah: I don't know. Like 8?

(Bradin looks at his watch)

Bradin: Ahhh I'm dead.

The scene switches to Ava opening Derrick and Bradin's door and she sees that Bradin's bed is untouched

The scene then goes to Johnny and Jay playing football in the living room

Johnny: Oh! Here we go! Dive! Around the back. Looks like it's in the end zone

(Jay grabs the football and jumps on the couch)

Johnny: Scorreee baby! Play flicker! He's open, he's open! Yeah!

(Ava comes running in)

Ava: You guys, Bradin didn't come home last night.

Johnny: Well you know Bradin, he's he's uh gonna be fine.

Jay: Most likely better than fine

Johnny: Ya think?

Ava: Okay, somebody better tell me what's going on

Jay: Possibly some very big stuff

Ava: How big?

Johnny: Oh I'd say something you do only once in your lifetime big

(Jay laughs)

Ava: Oh my god

(Bradin walks in)

Bradin: Ugh, it was so hot. I guess I just kind of fell asleep at the beach last night

Johnny: Any change left from last night

Bradin: Haha no

Jay: Touchdown

Ava: Are you kidding me? What did you do when he told you his plans? Did you slap him on the back and give him a high five?

Johnny: And a few condoms

Ava: A few?

Jay: What were we supposed to do? Tell him not to do it?

Ava: Maybe. Ugh

Scene goes to Bradin drumming pencils on his desk in his room

(There's a knock on the door)

Bradin: Enter if you dare

(Ava comes in)


Bradin: Hey

Ava: What happened last night?

Bradin: Nothin'

Ava: I um, I get the feeling that you weren't alone. Hey Bradin, can you look at me? Because if you think this is embarassing-

Bradin: Yes, it happened. With Sarah.

Ava: Bradin, I think you're too young

Bradin: I don't think so.

Ava: That's because you're too young. You know, sex is different for girls, it really means a lot to us we have expectations. She's given you the most precious gift her body can give you. Bradin, sex is not about conquest's about trust and connection.

Bradin: What do you think I am? I mean, this all happened because we do connect. I mean I like her. I like her alot.

Ava: Do you like her enough to keep her safe?

Bradin: Well we obviously used protection

Ava: Which only works as birth control 90% of the time. I mean, do you like those odds? And what about disease?

Bradin: Aunt Ava, what do you want me to do?

Ava: I would like for you to talk to me

Bradin: Could you talk to your parents about this kind of stuff?

Ava: Heck no. Are you kidding? I just want you to know that no matter how embarrassing it gets for either one of us I just want us to keep talking.

Bradin: Okay. (Ava starts to tear up) What?

Ava: I just, I held you when you were a baby. I mean, you were 45 minutes old

Bradin: Stop it aunt Ava would you stop? Just stop

Ava: Please be careful

Bradin: I will. I promise

Scene goes to Nikki cleaning and watching Cameron

(Erika walks up behind Nikki)

Erika: That's an extremely clean window, Nikki

Nikki: Well the better people can see through it the more they'll buy.

(Nikki keeps staring at Cameron and then Amber notices her)

(Amber walks over)

Amber: I'm sure Cameron would be interested in the idea of his little friend spying on him

Nikki: Yeah well FYI I'm working

Amber: Right.

Nikki: Don't you think it's sad that you have to get a job where Cameron works just so you can hang with him? (Erika looks over) It's pathetic actually

Amber: FYI I got Cam the job. Any other paranoid deslusions?

Erika: Nikki! I thought you could help me in the back

Nikki: Bye

(Nikki and Erika walk to the back)

Erika: Suspicion is a self fulfilling prophecy. Like in Othelo, Destomono was as faithful as a rock. But the more suspicous Othelo got the more he pushed her away. And you know how that ended.

Scene goes to Sarah in her room

(The phone rings)

Sarah: Hello?

Bradin: Hey.

Sarah: Oh hi

(Camera goes to Bradin)

Bradin: I can't belive how hot it is. You want to go down to 2 brothers?

Sarah: Oh that sounds great. (Camera goes back to Sarah) But I'm meeting somebody at Rickache.

Bradin: Really? I heard the swell up there is awesome right now

Sarah: It's something that I planned a million years ago

Bradin: Oh okay, well you want to hang out later? I mean you know we don't have to do anything we could just hang

Sarah: This whole week's really crazy but really soon okay?

Bradin: Oh oh okay.

Sarah: I gotta go now

Bradin: Alright well I'll talk to you later then

Sarah: You better

(They hang up and Bradin is confused)

Scene goes to Nikki riding her bike and Cameron comes up to her on his bike. They ride beside each other

Cameron: Hey Nikki, Nikki! Why are you giving Amber such a hard time? She called me. Said you were kind of mean to her

Nikki: What?

Cameron: Look

Nikki: She's making that up

Cameron: Listen, Nikki...

Nikki: What?

Cameron: Its' just, I like hanging out with you...

Nikki: But what?

Cameron: You're making me kind of nervous. You're always on me. It's like you're monitoring my attention level every second. I can't just be

Nikki: I'm not monitoring anything. I mean, Amber's just-

Cameron: Amber is my friend. I thought I made it pretty clear that you're more than that. I don't need to keep worrying about how secure you feel. Alright? I have enough freak out with my parents. Life is so weird. When I was away I couldn't wait to see you again. And now...I just don't know if it's going to work out.

(Cameron rides off)

Scene goes to Ava and Susannah in the upstairs living room working

Ava: It's not just the picture it's what it brings up. How much of what I've done in my life that seemed like such a brilliant idea at the time.

(Martha and Derrick come up the stairs)

Martha: ( on cell phone) Mom, Laura and I are going to the mall now with her father we'll be back in a couple of hours. Bye (Martha hangs up) Oh, hi Miss Greggory. Hi Miss Rexford. My mom said it was okay

Ava: Uh Martha..

(The phone rings and the kids go into Derrick's room)

Ava :Hello? Hello Carol Mcfarlen.

Carol: Hi, I'm so sorry that things got a little tense last night. I'm sure we can be adults about this all the way around

Ava: I'm sure we can

Carol: Well that's why I know that I know you understand why I need to make this call, is Martha over there with Derrick right now?

(They look at Martha and Derrick playing)

Carol: Hello?

Ava: Um nope, Derrick is playing in his room by himself. And we haven't seen Martha

Carol: I see, thank you.

Ava: Anytime

(Ava hangs up)

Ava: I had absolutely no right to do that. I would kill somebody if they did that to me.

Susannah: Ahhh true.

Scene goes to Nikki watching Amber and Cameron from in Jay's shop.

(Nikki walks over to Bradin:

Nikki: I want him back

Bradin: Join the club

Nikki: Who?

Bradin: Look Nikki, the first thing you've got to do is fess up to who's fault it is that you lost him

Nikki: Amber. No okay so it's the girl in the mirror. What do I do?

Bradin: Well it's the same thing that Erika tells me to do when I'm messing up on a wave. Figure out what I'm doing and do the opposite.

Nikki: Opposite of what?

Bradin: Being nasty to Amber isn't going over very well with Cameron.

Nikki: Yeah, so you're saying that I should...

Bradin: Yeah.

Nikki: No no no no no, how can I make friends with her when it makes my teeth ache just to look at her?

Bradin: You want him back?

Scene goes to Bradin walking down to the beach

Bradin: Sarah!

(He walks up to some girl but when she turns around he realizes it isn't Sarah)

Bradin: Sorry, I thought you were somebody else.

(Camera goes back to the girl and her friend)

Guy: Hey Callie, look who it is.

Callie: No no

Guy: You should call him over here

Callie: No, no absolutely not. No

Guy: I'm going to call him over here

Callie: No no no

Guy: Bradin!

(Bradin walks over)

Bradin: How are you guys doing?

Callie: Doing great. I'm Callie and this is Adam. Or his head anyway (Adam is burried in sand)

Bradin: Good to see you guys again.

Callie: Wanna help?

Adam: It's our monument.

Bradin: Sure, why not?

Callie: I know this is majorly for 8 year olds but I didn't really get to do it growing up in nebraska.

Bradin: Where in Nebraska?

Callie: Unless you had car trouble on highway 136 and had to get off on the Kansas border no place you've ever heard of

Bradin: Bloomington?

Callie: Franklin, but that's pretty damn close. How did you know?

Bradin: Moved here from hogarth county.

Callie: No way in hell. Did you go to Kennedy High?

Bradin: Yeah I did

Adam: (something something)....blonds unite

(Bradin looks back and sees Sarah coming out of the water with another guy)

Bradin: Actually that's who I came here to meet.

Adam: Removing foot from mouth. Assuming I still have feet

Bradin: Hey, it's okay, see you guys later.

(He walks over to Sarah)

Sarah: Bradin, hi. Uh this is Matt. Matt, Bradin.

Matt: Dude (He sticks out his hand but Bradin doesn't shake it) Tell you what. I'll uh I'll catch you later.

Sarah: You don't have to leave

Matt: It's alright, I gotta work anyway.

Sarah: What was that?

Bradin: Who was he?

Sarah: A friend of mine

Bradin: Look, Sarah, last night..

Sarah: Was wonderful. Incrediably wonderful but it doesn't mean that we signed an exclusivity contract.

Bradin: I know that. I know I just...the only reason I came...

Sarah: Don't worry about it. It's okay

Bradin: I'll see you around then

Sarah: I certainly hope so

Bradin: Yeah

(Sarah walks away)

(Bradin walks up to Callie)

Adam: Look who's coming back

Bradin: Hey, you want to grab some coffee at the promenade or something?

Callie: Yes

(Bradin looks over at Sarah)

Bradin: Great great so 5 o'clock sandy bob's.

Callie: Sounds great partner.

Bradin: Great I'll see you then.

Scene goes to Martha and Derrick playing in the tree

Derrick: Captain, 3 degrees off the stubborn bow

Martha: Man the guns mr Westerly.

(Derrick gets out his binoculars and he sees Chris on the beach with an envelope handing out papers)

(Derrick goes running to the kid who bought a picture from Chris)

Derrick: Show me what you bought from Chris

Boy: Buy your own. It cost me 50 cents

Derrick: He color copied it! I'll kill him!

(Derrick goes running over to Chris and pulls the envelope out of his hand and Chris pulls him to the ground.)

Chris: If she didn't want the whole world to see why did she take it off for the camera?

(Derrick punches Chris)

Derrick: Who else did you sell the pictures to?

Chris: Nobody, I swear I swear.

(Chris goes running)

Scene goes to Amber dragging a bag of trash outside and the bag rips

(Nikki sees and walks over)

Nikki: Here, let me help you with that. Having a bad day?

Amber: I hate this. I hate it. I hate this heat. (Says something that i can't understand at all! Sorry!) I hate the judge for giving my mom custody of me. I hate everything.

Nikki: Including me

Amber: Not too far down the list. Speaking of your existance. What do you want?

Nikki: Well to tell you that I just woke up from a night mare and I realized that the night mare was me.

Amber: Oh that's very slick. Like I'm fooled by that trick.

Nikki: Do you want to get some ice cream?

Amber: Are you buying?

Nikki: Yes

Amber: Then I'm eating. But whatever you're trying to pull I'll tell you right now. It's not going to work.

Nikki: I'll take my chances

Scene goes to Derrick, Martha, Ava, and Susannah out on the back patio

Derrick: I hope I didn't really hurt him

Martha: It's about time somebody taught Chris a lesson

(Jay and Johnny come out with plates of food)

Ava: Derrick I should really be upset with you for resorting to physical violence.

Derrick: But you're not?

Ava: I didn't say that.

(Derrick leaves)

Jay: I was um I was thinking that we should send Martha home before her outraged mother shows up.

Susannah: Oh please, I will outrage her and her psycho little kid

(Johnny sticks ice down Ava's dress and she screams)

(They all then get in a food fight.)

(Johnny shoeves food into Ava's face just as Martha's mother shows up)

Carol: I had a feeling I'd find Martha here

Martha: Mom, it was my fault. I told them it was okay

Carol: You might have called to check that out Ava. Just like you might have called to see if Chris was okay after Derrick beat him up. It's a miracle he didn't have a broken nose

Susannah: OH please, he's 18 pounds. What kind of damage could he do?

Ava: Susannah. Um Carol uh Derrick is very very sorry. And I know that he would like to apologize to Chris

Carol: It's not about apologies Ava. Chris is going to be alright. I think the question that you should be asking yourself is whether or not Derrick is. Before I would be near ready to let Martha play with him again I'd like to know that you're getting that child some help

Johnny: Actually I think Chris is the one who needs-

Ava: Johnny, Johnny! Carol. We're very sorry.

Carol: No, I'm sorry. That any of this had to happen. Martha we're going home

Martha: No

Carol: We're going home

Scene goes to Bradin and Callie at their coffee break

Callie: Can you believe that we grew up 40 miles away from each other? You went to highschool with half the kids I went to kindergarten with but we had to come allt he way here to finally meet each other

Bradin: Can I ask you something really important?

Callie: What?

Bradin: Was Jason Louis as big of a weirdo when he was 6 as he is now?

Callie: Beyond.

Waiter: Somebody told me to give this to you

(Bradin opens the note)

Callie: What's wrong?

Bradin: Uh, a friend of mine needs to talk to me for a second. I'll be right back, alright?

Callie: Wow, is he okay?

Bradin: Yeah yeah, I'll be right back

(Bradin goes running behind some shirts and sees Sarah)

Sarah: I was so horrible to you. I was scared. I do that sometimes. I'll try not to be that way anymore but it's so hard to change. Let's go to the cave. Okay? I want to sign the exclusivity clause if you do.

Bradin: I'm with a friend right now.

Sarah: Then come later. I'll be there.

(Sarah leaves)

(Bradin goes back to Callie)

Bradin: Uh

Callie: Is your friend okay?

Bradin: Do you want to get some ice cream?

Callie: Ice cream and me are like that

Bradin: Great. Let's go

Scene goes to Cameron coming into the shop

(Walks over to Erika)

Cameron: Hi um is Nikki still here?

Erika: Left a while ago.

Cameron: You're not just saying that because she doesn't want to see me?

Erika: Now that would be a lie.

Cameron: Alright thanks.

Scene goes to Amber and Nikki walking and eating ice cream

Nikki: Do you ever think that you know girls fighting with each other is what guys want?

Amber: That way we're not talking about them. That's what scares them.

Nikki: If they knew how right they were to be scared they would die

Amber: On the spot.

Nikki: Like if Cameron knew what kind of things could be said about him

Amber: Oh man starting with that I'm Cameron please like me smile.

Nikki: Don't you think it's a little coincidental that it's the exact same smile for everybody?

Amber: Totally. You have to ask yourself, what is underneath?

Nikki: A person with a back bone of a...of a ... a something with absolutely no backbone. (Camera then shows Cameron watching Nikki)All hail Cameron king of the jellyfish. I just wish he weren't the most wonderful jellyfish in the entire ocean. (Nikki turns around and sees an upset Cameron)

(They stare at each other and then he bikes away)

Scene goes to Jay, Susannah, Johnny and Derrick in the living room

Derrick: Did my aunt Ava every tell you the story of how my parents met?

(Ava starts walking down the stairs)

Derrick: It was at homecoming dance in junior high and my dad told my grandma that he just met the girl he was going to marry. And grandma said how could you possible know that? But he just said she's my one and only. One and only means one. And only. What if Martha was mine and now she's gone and that was my only chance?

Johnny: You think she's your one and only?

(Derrick nods)

Jay: Then nothing will keep you apart from her.

Derrick: What if she finds somebody else?

Johnny: Can't happen. Not if she's your one and only. (Johnny looks at Ava)

(Derrick and Susannah hug)

Scene goes to Ava at Martha's house

(Carol opens the door)

Ava: Hi Carol, I was wondering if I could talk to you

Carol: I was very disappointed to see Martha at your house today.

Ava: Yeah, I have a confession to make. I lied to you when you called. I knew Martha was there and I'm sorry it was a big mistake. If I could just come in and talk to you I-

Carol: What is it that you'd like to say?

Ava: Look my kids have lost...I can't believe I'm calling them that but I am. My kids have lost everything. And I ask myself every day if I'm doing the right thing for them. And I know when you came to our house you saw a lot of chaos but there's so much love there. I mean, love, quite frankly when I was a kid growing up I didn't know that much love was possible. Carol, why don't you ask Chris what happened. I mean, just ask him where he got the picture I'm sure if he could just explain-

Carol: Please, I'm not going to listen to anymore of this

(Carol closes the door)

Scene goes to Callie and Bradin on the beach

Callie: I can't believe I'm here with you

Bradin: Yeah? Why is that?

Callie: Because of all the times I wished I was. Did I just say that?

(Bradin kisses her)

Callie: Where are you?

Bradin: Riodesjanerio (Spelling?).

Callie: What?

Bradin: Look I'm sorry. I have to go.

Callie: What did I do?

Bradin: Nothing. Nothing. You're great. You're amazing. I just ... I just have to go

(He leaves)

(Bradin walks into the cave where Sarah is)

Scene goes to Johnny, Bradin, Derrick, Nikki, and Ava in the kitchen/diningroom

Derrick: Do we have any apples we can bake?

Ava: Yeah, you in a baked apple kind of mood?

Derrick: Don't your remember what great grandma used to say?

Ava: Oh yeah, of course

(Susannah enters)

Susannah: Well I think that you should share it with the rest of the class because we could all use some words of wisdom from great grandma greggory right now.

Ava + Bradin + Derrick+ Nikki: No matter what troubles come in the window (Martha and Carol show up at the patio door) The smell of apples baking in the oven will always chase them out the door.

(Carol knocks on the door)

Carol: Martha you can go play with Derrick.

Ava: Carol, I'm really glad you came by.

Carol: I talked to Chris. And I'm very sorry about what he did. It's not a nice thing thinking your child can act like that and wondering what you could have done to make it happen. Do I have your guarantee that there isn't anything else in this house that I wouldn't want Martha to stumble across?

Ava: Well we'll do out best. You know we were right in the middle of making breakfast, would you like to join us?

Carol: Oh no, no no thank you my husband's at home waiting for his breakfast (very sexist)

(Carol leaves)

Scene goes to Ava about to throw the picture in the fire

Johnny: I liked the day we took those pictures. Yeah, I liked that day alot. I had a you know ground hog day thing happening and if I had to chose which day of my life I had to live over and over again for eternity well I do have a safe deposit box in the bank downtown...nobody has a key except me.

(Ava hands him the picture)

Johnny: And the story begins all over again

(Johnny walks off)


Source;TWIZ TV

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